Augmented Reality

augmented reality

Blueprint Effects is very excited to introduce the firm’s augmented reality platform for the real estate digital marketing industry.  If you are unfamiliar with augmented reality, it is a real-world environment where elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input. The 3D Augmented Reality application allows its users to physically walkthrough and create a visualization of a building that has not even been built yet. Blueprint Effect’s augmented reality platform has been developed using a technology, which enables 3D models of real estate to appear anywhere when viewed with an augmented reality property app on a mobile device's camera and screen. You simply aim your mobile device’s camera in any direction and 360° views of the property will appear. In the past, this kind of technology was almost exclusively in the domain of sci-fi movies, but mobile and miniaturized technologies allow us to put 3D augmented reality real estate in our own pockets via our smartphones. Although there are different ways to utilize this technology, Blueprint Effects has the following suggestions for its use in the new build real estate industry:

Augmented Reality Sales Centre Experience 

Augmented reality virtual tours are 3D walkthroughs of pre-build real estate, using our 3D augmented reality technology. This tool allows users to fully experience every room and its furnishings while inside a sales center or other physical space.

Hot Spots – Advertising

Want to add some interactivity to your next print ad or sales brochure. Add a 3D augmented reality feature with a call to action to your registration page and watch the prospects line up.

Hot Spots – Exterior Location

Create buzz around your sales centers. By integrating an augmented reality real estate app with the physical environment, clients are able to visualize how the development will integrate into the surrounding area. They will see their purchase come to life.