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  • Africa Real Estate Marketing
    By: Barry Morisse
    With the advances in technology and communication, a larger proportion of non-local real estate buying decisions are now being made remotely, without investors visiting the site of the development. This is much more common in the new construction market as most of these remote buyers are generally purchasing the property as a non-primary residence or investment property. This trend appears to be gaining momentum, as property investors from Europe, China,...
  • Obama Original 2008 Landing Page
    Behavioral psychology helps explain why we behave the way we do. But can it be used to make better strategic real estate marketing decisions? Learn how marketers are using these principles and think about how you can apply them to your next real estate marketing campaign. A/B Testing – A/B Testing is simply the idea of testing different visual messaging and comparing it to customer engagement and other metrics.  Probably the most famous public...
  • 3 Ways To Adjust Your Sales and Marketing Strategy to Urban Densification
    Across the globe, cities are growing at the expense of suburbs, suburbs are densifying rather than expanding, and rural areas are emptying out. This trend is not likely to change anytime soon, and is leading to both denser and taller real estate in our metropolitan areas.  For a lot of developers, this societal trend has forced them into development projects where they are not as familiar with the subtelites of planning, building, marketing, and...
  • LinkedIn For Real Estate Developers
    By: Rachel Patrick
    With over 80 million users and averaging one new member per second, there is no doubt LinkedIn has established itself as a permanent player in the social media world. In 2012, LinkedIn took the initiative to improve the targeted ways businesses could connect with contacts. Given that it is the largest professional network online, it’s the ideal platform for businesses to connect with actual decision makers. LinkedIn connects users with everyone from...
  • LinkedIn For Real Estate Professionals
    By: Rachel Patrick
    Like most marketers and sales professionals out there, real estate or otherwise, I’m always looking for ways to build my network. Professionally, I have found no other platform has worked better for me than LinkedIn. Out of all the social networking sites, LinkedIn is the only one dedicated to building your professional connections, linking you to other decision makers and influencers in real estate. As real estate will always be a relationship business,...
  • Google+ For Real Estate
    By: Rachel Patrick
    There is a lot of buzz these days around Google+ and its relevance in the social media world. With so many of us already engaging in the social media dialogue, the thought of yet another platform sounds exhausting. So why bother? One word. Google. As far as social media for the real estate industry goes, the reasons to log on and be active online are pretty obvious. Companies and real estate pros are able to communicate with clients, real estate...
  • By: Rachel Patrick
    Technology is now at the core of marketing. At Blueprint Effects, this is what we are all about. We understand that by combining marketing and technology we create the best solutions possible for our clients. More than that, we know that once we dig deeper into who our clients are, where they are coming from, and what they are interested in, we are in a much better position to provide value. However, here in lies the challenge. Often we find when we meet...
  • By: Rachel Patrick
    More and more mobile technology is further integrating into our everyday lives. Without realizing it we use technology to support many of our social interactions, specifically, shopping. Often I speak with real estate developers that don’t truly understand the affect their online strategy is having on their own marketing success. Right now in North America 83% of total shoppers are online finding exactly what they want. Now when we think about making one...
  • By: Rachel Patrick
    Marketing online real estate continues to moves from a search dominated process to one that is more intricate and involves a combination of content marketing, information distribution channels, and web analytics.  Check out this infographic for a simple reminder of why shifting your real estate strategy online is a must and what you can expect as a result of this strategy shift.
  • One of the things we consistently find when speaking with clients is that they like the idea of digital marketing, but they aren’t really sure what it means.  For the most part, clients equate digital marketing campaigns to a Google AdWords campaign or some other form of PPC (pay per click) advertising. Although these are both forms of digital advertising, they are just small parts of a more integrated digital marketing ecosystem. The goal of this...


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