Blueprint Effects Property CRM

Real Estate CRM

If you are serious about building a long term real estate residential development business, then having a reliable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that is used by your sales and marketing staff is absolutely necessary to turn all those website viewers, sales center visitors and past purchasers into a company asset. Using your Real Estate CRM, these interactions can be utilized to enhance future sales launches and developments.

The Blueprint Effects Real Estate Cloud CRM system tracks and analyses your campaigns, contacts, leads and sales during each stage of the development. Some of the other helpful features built into the Blueprint Effects Property CRM application include:

1)      Easy to use, create, and manage email templates, which removes the complexity from running and managing your email marketing campaigns.

2)      Easy to assign and manage security access levels, allowing your entire sales and marketing team to be involved in your centralized CRM process at the appropriate security level.    

3)      Easy to use import function allowing you to transition from your current CRM system whether its paper based, Microsoft Excel based, or a legacy CRM system.

4)      Easy to manage contact categories with security access.

5)      Centralized hub for all sales and marketing material and the appropriate material made only available to those team members with approved security access.

6)      Centralized project calendar that directly tracks action items shared by all team members.

We are constantly adding additional features and we look forward to discussing developing a customized platform for you.  Please contact us today and we can set up an online demo to show you why there is not a better Real Estate Cloud CRM system on the market for your new build real estate needs.