Creating Relationships with Your Clients: Pinterest for Real Estate

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Pinterest is great. It allows us to curate our own inspiration boards to share with the world. In case you haven’t heard, Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networks online. In fact, it is now the third-largest network behind only Facebook and Twitter. If you can believe it, some studies even show Pinterest users are pinning just as much as they are tweeting. But how can these pins help us build loyal relationships with our clients?

We know that in the real estate industry social media can create meaningful and trustworthy client relationships. It allows us to share authentic and valuable content in order to create relationships on a personal level. Here are 3 tips for Pinterest that can help you achieve this.

#1: Share Your Real Estate Story

Whether you are an agent or a large developer, you have a story to tell. Pinterest is a dynamic platform to do just that. Sharing your unique story is a great way to engage with clients on a personal level and gain credibility.

To get started, why not look at the content you already have by diving into your company’s history. Many real estate professionals will have some historic images to pull from. S examples to get you started; store front changes, interior design of office space through the years, past developments, logo transformations, pictures of owners and key partners in prior, maybe even younger years.

By depicting the company’s history you instill a sense of growth and stability in the company. You also demonstrate the company’s leadership in development and highlight the expertise in the real estate industry.

Now after you’ve shared the company’s history, you also need to share the company’s future. What’s happening now? Begin by highlighting the current team, exciting upcoming developments, new listings, office parties, staff meetings, office sport teams, you name it.

All you need to remember is to share what is most important to you. Ask yourself what is the essence of your company? Think about:

  • What is your geographic focus?
  • What neighbourhoods do you work in?
  • Who is your niche market?
  • What charities do you support? 

For inspiration check out the Today Show’s page and see how they incorporate all these elements to generate an authentic connection with their audience.

Pinterest 1

#2: Your Boards Should Be a Real Estate Resource

Your boards should provide value to the viewers who are using them. Perhaps they highlight your latest projects or listings, or show home improvement techniques. Think about the clients who are viewing your page and what they would benefit from. This content should then again link back to your site or affiliated listing generating further interest.

Sony Electronics is an excellent example of company doing this well. Check out their Pinterest page for inspiration.

Pinterest 2

#3: Link Images to your Latest Blog Posts

Finally, this last tip is quick and easy to implement. Having effective imagery for your latest blog posts has become more important since Pinterest. With each new blog post that royalty free image can be added onto Pinterest generating clicks and creating links back your website. As people click on your images they will be redirected back to your posting, instantly generating new users to your content.

See Cort Furniture’s page for an example of how this works.

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