LinkedIn for Real Estate Company Pages: Focus on Developers and Brokerages

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With over 80 million users and averaging one new member per second, there is no doubt LinkedIn has established itself as a permanent player in the social media world. In 2012, LinkedIn took the initiative to improve the targeted ways businesses could connect with contacts. Given that it is the largest professional network online, it’s the ideal platform for businesses to connect with actual decision makers. LinkedIn connects users with everyone from thought leaders to influential market titans within targeted industries…like ours. Real estate.

Here are 6 Ways to Get Your Real Estate Company Page Noticed Online. If you’re looking for individual pages please check out our Blueprint on Creating Relationships with Your Clients: LinkedIn for Real Estate Professionals.

1)  Update your overview space.Too often these spaces are left boring and dull. Ensure your cover images and page visuals eye popping and attract attention. Adding a variety of images to get your company page noticed is a great start. Focus particularly on adding multiple banners as they are large, loud visuals that get you noticed. Studies have shown time and time again that online users are more attracted to visuals then a bunch of plain old text so get creative!

Blueprint Effects Real Estate Banner LinkedIn

2)  Highlight your products and services. Generate new awareness by promoting your products and services through LinkedIn. One of the biggest mistakes a company can make on its page is not completing their Products and Services feature in full. Allowing users to view what you sell, for instance past properties or successful projects is ideal to highlight in this space.

At Blueprint Effects we highlight over 21 products and services:

Blueprint Effects Real Estate Products and Services LinkedIn


Quick Tip: Add video to your page. Similar to the placement of video on your website, having video content on your LinkedIn company page will increase users’ engagement level.

video linkedin real estate

3)  Ask for recommendations on your products. Don’t be afraid to ask for past client recommendations on your company’s profile. Chances are they will be happy to provide a quick blurb which will showcase your companies’ abilities.

      4)  Only post content that is relevant to your users. This doesn’t mean post something about why they should do business with you. No one wants to read that day in and day out. Post something that is interesting to the type of clients that are following you. For instance at Blueprint Effects we often post articles highlighting architecture and digital marketing.

     Posting LinkedIN Real Estate

Quick Tip: Publish photos from the events you are at. It helps generate followers as they can identify with your company further.

5)  Grow your follower base. Keep in mind that unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn does not allow for companies to initiate connections or to follow others. In order to grow your followers, start byhaving your employees share and like updates within their own networks. Afterwards stay active and reach out to your followers as no one wants to connect with the quiet company in the corner.

6)  Analyze your company insights page. After you’ve put all this work into creating the optimal LinkedIn company page, don’t stop there! Use the insights page to view analytics based on your viewers and information as displayed by you. Then adjust accordingly as you learn what is and isn’t working.

Linkedin insights

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