Creating Relationships with Your Clients: Facebook for Real Estate

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Right now most real estate professionals and developers are using social media as part of their online marketing strategy.  In fact we know that almost 80% of real estate professionals are using Facebook to market their upcoming properties. This is great news but there is a problem. Many companies are using traditional push strategies when marketing online. It’s important to consider how we communicate through social media, rather than just dumping information on to our followers feeds, what we really want to do is actively engage with them.

Facebook is a terrific platform for the real estate industry and helping to enhance your web based strategy. For starters, 56% of customers say that they are more likely to recommend a business or brand after becoming a fan on Facebook. Building authentic relationships with your clients through social media can help drive this loyalty. This post outlines 3 Ways to Think about Communicating When Using Facebook for Real Estate.  

1)      It’s Public Customer Service.

On a daily business you will be interacting with clients on an open forum that others can openly read. For instance, if someone posts on you wall, “Tell me more about the kitchen features available for the units in the Skyline Building”, you have an excellent opportunity to promote your product and genuinely engage with prospects. Remember since everyone can see your response put some thought into it. A response outlining all the premium features and appliances with a link back to your site would be excellent for promotion. Note there is always a possibility that complaints will be posted to your wall. Even if these posts are unjustified, don’t delete them. Instead try to understand their position and provide a response with empathy.

Another way to demonstrate customer service online is to acknowledge clients and prospects. This could be highlighting their purchases or congratulating them on their new home! Remember by purchasing a home your clients are making one of the most significant financial decisions of their lives. Ensure they know you appreciate their business.

2)   Share Who You Really Are.

Share what’s really happening at your company. Whether you are a one man show or a big company, creating transparency about “your everyday” opens the door so people can understand who they are doing business with. There are a variety of quick and easy ways to create content. For starters, it’s a good idea to write a press release whenever something interesting happens with a property. Then you can link to the press release from your Facebook page. Clients will trust this source which will help enhance your credibility. Along the same lines you could just share positive company changes or real estate announcements. For instance “Chicago Development is now 80% Sold. Check out our website to see final units still available”. Or you can also share your newsletter, local partnerships and community engagements. The possibilities and direction you take are truly up to you.

As a general rule: the more exciting and relevant the content you share the more people’s interest in your real estate properties will continue to rise. This will help generate word of mouth marketing because remember: 90% of people trust peer recommendations via social media.

3)     Get Feedback.

Instead of just telling your clients what’s new with you, why not try asking them about their thoughts? To build relationships and drive engagement with your customers ask them questions about real estate, brand and properties. Questions like “What do you think about the penthouse units in our new Highline Condominiums?” or “What are the most important elements you want when looking for a new home?” These open questions not only help facilitate a dialogue but also provide valuable feedback and information to use internally.

Ultimately a Facebook business page can be customized in hundreds of ways. Ensure your page is set up to display your properties effectively, and links back to your website. It never hurts to have more exposure. Your page is a great public medium to display positive feedback and testimonials linking to properties. Viewing these types of interactions on social media appear more authentic and generate trust with your followers.

Bonus Tip: Monitor your success. All Facebook business pages are equipped with an analytics feature called Facebook Insights. Insights offer an easy way to track follower engagement and your page’s success. It's important to understand how successful your page is and make adjustments where needed. Two insights that you should pay attention to day-to-day are "Lifetime Likes" and "Lifetime Total Subscriptions." This will show you if your fan base is converting or not.

Overall we know Facebook isn’t going to make or break your business but it is a popular and free marketing tool that most clients and companies are already using. So why not make sure you are using it too and communicate effectively as possible.