Creating Relationships with Your Clients: LinkedIn for Real Estate Professionals

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Like most marketers and sales professionals out there, real estate or otherwise, I’m always looking for ways to build my network. Professionally, I have found no other platform has worked better for me than LinkedIn. Out of all the social networking sites, LinkedIn is the only one dedicated to building your professional connections, linking you to other decision makers and influencers in real estate. As real estate will always be a relationship business, this means a lot.  LinkedIn allows you to connect with prospects, past clients, competitors, you name it! The scope of this network highlights its importance to your brand and your ability to create a positive first impression as soon as you connect.

Remember, LinkedIn has the highest net worth individuals on it far outpacing the other social media platforms.

Here are 5 Things to Remember When Creating the Optimal LinkedIn Profile for Real Estate Professionals. Note this article is for Real Estate professional and individual profile pages, I have also written a post on LinkedIn for Real Estate Company Pages – Developer and Brokerages for your reference.

1)  First and foremost, CONNECT! To get you started you can upload your current contact list. Afterwards you can connect with others from your network as recommended by LinkedIn. However you should also take initiative and every person you now meet, whether it is a stranger at a networking event or from another social media site, you should be taking the time to connect with them via LinkedIn. Think about it, in order to introduce yourself is it more appropriate to send a LinkedIn request or a Facebook request? 

Blueprint Effects Director LinkedIn

2)  Post fresh content and updates weekly. We like to say 2-5 times a week as it depends on how much you want to engage in online networking. The key here is to stay active. People like to connect with professionals they believe are well networked and up-to-date in the industry. Show them that you are one of those people.

      LinkedIn Posting Real Estate

     3)  Check your ego at the door. It’s easy to feel discouraged when others don’t immediately follow you back or like your updates. However, for the most part with LinkedIn you’ll find people engage less frequently than with other more “social media casual” platforms like Facebook. Be conscious of this fact. Some people don’t use social media that often and others don’t understand how to engage in it well. Don’t be one of them. The best ways to get started engaging on LinkedIn is by joining groups, liking statuses, inviting others to connect and making professional recommendations. 

Quick Tip: Recommending others for past business is a great way to show your appreciation and it also increases the likelihood that you’ll get a recommendation back. It’s another classic example that on social media you need to give a little, to get a little.

Real estate Recommendations Linkedin 

4)  Relax and be yourself. Remember that when creating your profile you should do so through you own authentic voice through. Take the time to highlight your professional history as well as your relevant skills and training. An easy way to do this is by adding links to your profile. These links can refer back to your blog, company site or professional webpage.

Bonus tip: Customize your URL. This is a quick and helpful way to help others locate you and therefore enhance the marketing efforts from your profile. To find out how click here.

5)  Get you work discovered. Finally, in addition to links you can also upload past work directly to your profile. This helps your network understand what you have to offer and highlights your past success. For instance you can upload slide share presentations or videos that feature completed projects and sold properties. 

Linked Real Estate Videos

Bonus LinkedIn Tip: One more thing! A new feature offered by LinkedIn is following influencers like Glenn Kelman at Redfin or other companies and topics you admire. LinkedIn sends you an email periodically summarizing these influencers’ posts.  Do you know what’s great about that? You can re-share this great content! And not just to your LinkedIn feed, but to all your other social media platforms as well.

Once you have reviewed Blueprint Effects’ complete Creating Relationships with your Clients series of articles on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn, tell us what you think are the most successful social media platforms for the real estate and property industry? We’d love to know what works for you.