Making Finishing Selections Better For Buyers And Developers

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In a sea of cookie cutter home designs, property hunters struggle to find ways to differentiate their new properties and make them their own. To say the least, the process of customizing a space can often leave new homeowners feeling overwhelmed with pressure to make the “right” decision. After all, given the cost, we know that this is one choice many homeowners usually choose to just live with, like it or not.

In order to ease the buying decision process and help them avoid any future buyers’ remorse, here are 5 Trends to Digitally Showcase New Build Property Finishings. Not only will these tools assist your clients but they will also help your project stand out from the crowd.


Mobile sales centre app from Blueprint Effects. Architectural visualization technology lets clients see and customize their pre-build home.

Augmented reality: the Wow Factor.

For those of you not familiar with augmented reality, it’s augmenting a real-world environment using computer-generated sensory input, whether sound, video or graphics. What does that mean? Well for real estate this means allowing prospective clients to interact with your property in a variety of new ways with virtually endless possibilities. It’s up to your imagination really. For instance, imagine you have a new show home with a standard kitchen, but your client doesn’t like the default standard finishings that are displayed. To get a real sense of what the final room could look like, a simple finishing board just isn’t cutting it.

Enter augmented reality. By having a mobile device handy in the show home and simply moving it over the finishings, you a can now customize them to the buyer’s preference. The client can choose variations of cabinetry, backsplashes, flooring, appliances, fixtures—you name it—to fit their style. Physically immersing themselves in a room and viewing it virtually on a screen makes the customized space come to life to fit their individual taste. Now I bet that would get people talking.

Online Home Design Centre: make customizing units fun again

One of the problems new-build homeowners face when designing their home is that they don’t know where to begin. An Online Home Design Centre allows clients to browse a property online, offering a web-based solution for the customization of finishings and fixtures through 3D renderings. By clicking on the renderings’ finishings, clients can mix and match to suit their preferences. Don’t like the grey backsplash, with the eggshell cabinetry and dark hardwoods? Switch it up. This tool allows clients to enjoy decorating again, removing the stress by visualizing their new space at a click of a button. Let them be inspired.

Video: plain and simple

An inexpensive and straightforward way to highlight your finishings is to have a designer explain it in a simple online video. Design experts can discuss the finishing options and demonstrate what works and what doesn’t. Let them showcase different units given the lighting, size and trends currently happening in that market place, demonstrating the possibilities with a personal video.

Visual social media: it’s how we communicate

We are now on social media all the time. This makes it one of the most effective ways to reach your prospects and communicate with them about your upcoming projects. By sharing quality images and renderings on social media, developers can showcase their upcoming projects in the most favourable light. Displaying the bathroom with all its up-to-date amenities and variations allows prospects to understand the property’s potential. It’s also a great way for people to share these images with their family and friends. We used to call this word-of-mouth marketing.

Particularly we see more and more visual image-based social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram becoming a real estate marketer’s dream, as they allow clients to visually view the properties based on the image alone. This highlights the importance of ensuring that your image is a great one. That’s not to discount more traditional social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. They continue to hold their importance in allowing real estate professionals to share properties and build genuine relationships online as well.

Dedicated mobile apps: create the optimal user experience

Creating a mobile application for an upcoming development is the ultimate way to influence your clients’ buying experience. It’s the crème de la crème. By allowing your clients to immerse themselves virtually into an application, you create the desired mood, lifestyle and feeling you want to showcase. Do you want to convey a peaceful family unit or a vibrant, downtown trendy condo? Get creative with how you choose your finishings and interior design.

Take this a step further, and through mobile applications, clients can fully engage with properties. Allow them to tour pre-built units, visualizing the finishings and fixtures as they walk from room to room. Incorporate an Online Home Design Centre for both the exterior and interior customizable features. Your application could also include a calculator for pricing and specification details that allows the client to fully understand the value of their purchase and eliminates needless customer service back and forth.

The verdict is in: technology gives buyers property information to help make smart, informed decisions. And isn’t that what they are asking you for?