Marketing: Bringing It All Together

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As time passes, marketing is becoming a much more involved process. More time needs to be spent making sure the message your team has created reaches the right people, through the right channels, in the right time frame.

Real estate marketing is no different.

In the past five years we’ve seen an incredible proliferation in the amount and quality of channels available to marketers. With so many marketing opportunities available, it can be a bit overwhelming making sure all that’s available is being utilized to its fullest. We at Blueprint Effects have put together a list of the channels available today for real estate marketers to look over and compare against their marketing strategy to make sure that nothing gets left behind.

Web Marketing

Each real estate project, whether it’s a multi-tower condo build, a luxury mansion or a single family house that’s been on the market for a while should have its own unique web presence. Most projects have this already. Each of the property types just mentioned normally have their own websites, or at least information pages dedicated to that particular project on established real estate portals. More experience companies can spend a greater amount of time on both SEO and SEM which if executed correctly will pay dividend in the future. 

Social Media

If there’s anything the recent trends in client interaction have shown the marketing world, it’s that people liked to be engaged. Today, it’s not enough for a [brand, real estate development, agent, etc.] to show up and say “Hello!” People want to know that the [brand, real estate development, agent, etc.] they’re interacting with cares about the same things that they do. Potential clients want to know that the green features of the new building you represent are there because including them is the right thing to do, not because the developer is afraid it won’t sell without it. This is where social media is most powerful.


The hardest channel to get right is still the most effective way to reach your potential clients. This is probably the channel where technological sophistication is most important. With so many different email clients and email viewing habits (phone, laptop, desktop, TV?), consistency of presentation becomes as important as content.


While it may be the least sexy of the channels available to marketers today, physical media is still an important tool in the real estate marketer’s toolbox. It’s also not to be underestimated. Many marketers spend countless hours creating the perfect “story” behind their project, yet the project brochures end up reading more like instruction manuals than picture books.


This is the area Blueprint Effects is most excited about. This is where potential clients should be experiencing the “wow” factor. Imagine an iPad set up in every room of a model home that lets clients fly around all the different floor and wall colour combinations for that particular room. Or a custom display app that sales agents can take to meetings with clients, and show them the actual view from the balcony of the unit they’re interested in. A successful mobile package really takes a marketing campaign to the next level.  Blueprint Effects' suite of mobile solutions include 3D Walkthrough, 3D Project View, 3D Floor Plan, and other features all rolled into one.  For a demo, please click here.

Channel Integration

So your real estate marketing campaign strategy has been launched. You’ve managed to engage with thousands of potential clients locally, regionally and internationally. So what now? This is where great marketing campaigns separate themselves from the merely good campaigns. When people read your email, is the call to action leading to a follow up from an agent? How many of the website views and twitter followers are turning into actionable leads? Having social media posts direct people to customized landing pages is just one way of integrating different marketing channels together.

After the sales centre closes its doors for the last time, or the keys to that one-of-a-kind cliff-side mansion finally exchange hands, you call your marketing team into the conference room to debrief. What do you want the feeling in the room to be? Before the project even launches, make sure you’re setting yourself up for champagne, not more shame. The key to successful project marketing is excelling in each of the channels you’re targeting as relevant, and being able to integrate those various channels into one cohesive campaign.