Real Estate Apps

You know you have secured the sale when the conversation gets down to choices of paint color, flooring, tiling and interior. But how can you get to that point when sales are done globally or online? 

Blueprint Effects 3D architectural visualization technology makes it easy. These Mobile Real Estate Apps integrate 3D architectural rendering, walkthrough, flythrough and animation technology to give the user an unbelievable real life experience. Your client will also be able to customize their pre-build choices at the touch of a screen.  If they want pink walls, parquet flooring and a modern-look to the interior, they can see what it looks like.  And what if they don’t like it? Then they can change it all over again until they are satisfied. Our real estate application offers up to 50 custom options while still keeping you in control of the design. 

Mobile Real Estate Apps are a powerful way to market real estate developments to local and international clients. This is application is guaranteed to help improve property development marketing. Purchasing pre-built property can be overwhelming for homebuyers, as they have to trust that it will be exactly what they want, without having ever experienced it.  This creates a challenge for real estate developers and architects, as they have to create accurate visualizations offering true likeness to the upcoming development. By presenting a mobile real estate app where clients are able to fully immerse themselves into the home and customize it according to their unique preferences, you can demonstrate the concepts and designs with precise detail and gain a major advantage over your competitors.